Alternatives to Doreen Virtue Angel Cards [Updated for 2020]


Angel Cards by Authors Other Than Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue Angel Cards Alternatives

At one time in the past, Doreen Virtue was by far the most circulated and well known author of Angel Cards, and Oracle Cards.  As of today, she still has several angel oracle card decks on the market.

However, the tides have turned and as you may or may not already know, as of 2017, Doreen Virtue has publicly renounced many of her previous teachings about angel communication, and angel card readings, as a part of what she shares as converting to fundamentalist Christianity. 

Despite her drastic change in teachings and beliefs, the guidance I and so many others continue to receive is that using angel cards to access Divine guidance, love and insight is an incredibly supportive and helpful practice both for those who are religious, as well as those who are not.

However, because Doreen is no longer using Angel Cards herself, and does not stand behind the decks she has previously created, many people are searching for alternative options to her decks when it comes to Angel Cards.

Now, I do want to point out that although Doreen has announced that she no longer uses Angel Cards… If you own some of her decks, like the Archangel Oracle Cards, Messages from Your Angel Oracle, or even the Ascended Masters Oracle (if you purchased them before they were taken out of print)… You can definitely still use them to receive guidance from your personal team of guides and angels.

While I personally do not resonate with using any Doreen Virtue Angel Cards published by Hay House… In seeing readings from other people, there are some of her older decks, like the Archangel Oracle Cards that really seem to transcend the author and carry real angelic energy. 

That being said, if you would like to support other authors… And use a deck that doesn’t have baggage around it from the author not wanting you to use it: There really are some wonderful Angel Card authors and options you may want to consider for your future Oracle Card purchases.

Non Doreen Virtue Angel Cards

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