Healthy Fruit Pizza (gluten free!)


Learn how to make a healthy fruit pizza with a grain-free sugar cookie crust and a delicious lemony Greek yogurt filling — the perfect healthy treat for summer!

a slice of healthy fruit pizza.

Healthy Fruit Pizza – Bring on BBQ Season! 

Is it summer yet? It feels like it at Fit Foodie HQ. We have been baking and mixing and cooking up a summer storm!

This healthy fruit pizza is a spin on classic cream cheese fruit pizza. The star of this fruit pizza is the sugar cookie crust made with almond flour and the Greek yogurt filling is up for honorable mention. We have been LOVING lemon zest while developing recipes for summer. It gives you a blast of flavor and you can’t beat the color it gives to everything you add it to.

This healthy fruit pizza makes a great healthy and fun dessert for any occasion. Bring this fruit pizza to your next BBQ or make it a project for you and the kids. Another beautiful thing about this healthy fruit pizza recipe is that is gluten-free, so anyone can have it! All for one and one for all!

fruit pizza crust on table.

How to Make Healthy Fruit Pizza

Sugar Cookie Crust

First up is the sugar cookie crust. Yes, the crust of this fruit pizza will blow your mind. A couple of helpful tips when you are mixing that dough–

  • Once you have mixed the dry ingredients with your wet, you’re better off using your hands.
  • Wet whatever utensils you are using to ensure that that cookie dough doesn’t stick
  • A well-greased pan will save your life.
  • Make sure you separate the cookie crust from the edge of your pan because it will make removal of the crust after baking SO much easier (see below).
Making gluten free sugar cookie crust for fruit pizza.

Greek Yogurt Filling

The filling for this fruit pizza is lightened up with Greek yogurt. We wanted to stay true to a traditional fruit pizza filling by incorporating a little bit of cream cheese, but make it a little bit healthier. Insert Greek yogurt!

Feel free to change the proportions of the filling to fit your taste buds. However, don’t forget the lemon zest, because it is KEY. Also if you’re dairy-free, we heard that this vegan cream cheese and this dairy-free yogurt is delish!

A bowl with greek yogurt and lemon zest.

Fruit Toppings

We stuck with berries for our fruit pizza toppings, but you have the option to sub your favorite fruit for any of the berries we used! Be sure to slice the fruit length-wise and pretty thin (it makes eating the pizza a lot easier). When all is said and done, this fruit pizza is delicious no matter what fruit you use!

It is a heck of a lot easier to eat it if you let it set in the fridge, but if you just can’t wait to eat a slice we don’t blame you. GO FOR IT. Cheers to a beautiful and sunshiney upcoming summer.

Delicious healthy fruit pizza with berries and lemon zest.

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