Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light on sale: Save $20 at Amazon


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SAVE $20: The Philips SmartSleep wake-up light(opens in a new tab) will help you start the day calmly, and as of July 29 it’s $20 (20% off). Grab one for just $79.95.

If your iPhone alarm jolts you awake every morning, it might be time to start your day a little more gently.

Ditch the daily jump scare and opt for a Philips wake-up light(opens in a new tab), which uses calming sounds and light that simulates a sunrise to lift you out of sleep. As of July 29, the SmartSleep sunrise alarm is 20% off, which is within $3 of the lowest price we’ve seen on this model.

This wake-up light(opens in a new tab) features five natural sounds, a dimmable display, FM radio, and a tap-to-snooze function. You can choose from 10 brightness settings, too — so you can decide if you want to wake up to light that resembles hot desert sun or light that’s closer to a real sunrise.

Because the light settings are so customizable, you can also use the SmartSleep(opens in a new tab) as a bedside reading lamp. There’s even a sunset simulation setting, in case you want to go to sleep and wake up with the “sun” without working around the actual sun.

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