The Meaning of Sacred Versus Scared


Something to be scared of? Or hold sacred?

The Meaning of Sacred vs Scared

Have you ever noticed that certain words hold deeper layers of meaning?

At different times, specific words have a way of jumping out and revealing the hidden insights and deeper layers of meaning they carry.

Whether that underlying meaning is found through the ancient origin of a word or its connection and similarity with another…

The deeper meaning of words is sometimes radically different from how we commonly use them.

Alternately, words can hold clues and reveal insights into navigating our spiritual paths and day to day lives.

Take Sacred and Scared for instance…

Have you ever noticed how similar the words “scared” and “sacred” are?

Only one letter moves between them… And yet we understand their meaning as being entirely different.

But are they actually connected somehow?

Let’s see…

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Sacred Meaning

The sacred is what we honor and respect.

“Sacred” comes from the ancient Latin word: sacrare

Which is defined: “to make sacred, to consecrate; hold sacred; make holy, immortalize; set apart, or dedicate.

The underlying truth and reality is that every moment is sacred…

With presence and awareness, we can choose to see every aspect of reality through the lenses of sacred love.

Finding and honoring the sacred inherent in every challenge, lesson, blessing, and even within the most mundane and boring tasks.

When we honor the sacredness of life…

Our light expands!

Scared Meaning

“Scared” on the other hand is said to come from the Middle English word sker which means to fear, dread or shrink from.

Fear is an ancient and deeply ingrained survival mechanism.

It triggers our autonomic nervous system and our flight, freeze, or fight response.

But the thing is, in our modern world, we’re often scared of things that have nothing to do with survival…

And energetically, fear causes us to shrink and contract.

When we’re scared of whats happening in our lives, or in the world…

We shy away from our highest light and authenticity and shrink out of our sovereign nature and power.

The Connection and Deeper Meaning

So my big aha regarding the connection between these words is this…

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The sacred is what we choose to honor and respect.

So when we choose to not hide away from what we’re scared of…

When we open the door wide to our fears and really look at, face, honor, and explore whatever it is we’re scared of…

From within it… We claim our sacred gift.

With presence and awareness, even our fears can reveal to us more of our sacred power…

We can then release fear and feelings of being scared.

By being fully present in each moment here and now, we can embrace all that is sacred within and around us…

And you can spiral upward into the next level of your highest vibration and the embodiment of your highest light.

With love,

Melanie Beckler



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